ductless-mini-split-slide-1600Ductless Mini-Split/Heat Pump Systems are the modern alternative to heating/cooling your home/business. With a wide variety of perks and advantages, these units offer customers aerial comfort and maintain impressively high efficiency throughout use.

According to statistics provided by energy.gov, those that heat with electricity can easily save 30 to 40% of the electricity you use for heating, if not higher, when using a Ductless system.

The statistics for those of us who heat with oil, propane and natural gas vary due to ever-changing cost and demand of heating sources, as well as the climate changes in New England. According to statistics provided by greenbuildingadvisor.com, their studies show 29% savings compared to oil heat, and 45% savings compared to use of propane heat, with use of Ductless Mini-Split/Heat Pump systems for heating purposes. Additionally, Fugitsu and Mitsubishi, two widely known ductless Mini-Split/Heat Pump manufacturers, state that these units can save up to 42% on average compared to a central air cooling system.

The beautiful thing about these systems is they run between 19 to 23 decibels, which means that they are astoundingly quiet. Here at Year Round Heating and Cooling, we are proud to offer our customers the option of installing and servicing Ductless Mini-Split/Heat Pump systems, which are the future.

Call Year Round Heating and Cooling today, and let us help you find joy in savings, and improved efficiency with this modern cutting edge technology.
  • Installations
  • Repair
  • Servicing: This includes the measuring refrigerant levels, cleaning of all coils, cleaning of all fan blades, and all evaporators, cleaning of air filters, and testing for leaks. In addition, we will be verifying the electrical control operating system is operating harmoniously between heating and cooling elements. It is important to evaluate and measure the diffusing air through the evaporator coil, verify the thermostat measurements, inspect all electric connections for corrosion, and to review that there are no clogs in the system for best long term use of the Mini-Split/Heat Pump Ductless System.

How do ductless Mini-Split/Heat Pump systems work?

The best analogy that both Fugitsu and Mitsubisi use to explain how Ductless work is by comparing them to a refrigerator. Like a refrigerator, Ductless systems use electricity to pump refrigerant through the unit. What is neat about refrigerant is when you want heat to be produced on a cold day, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the outdoors, and transfers that heat into your home. So instead of creating heat, this system is moving heat, which leads to the astounding efficiency ratings you see. When you are looking to cool a room the heat within the house is absorbed and transferred out.

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